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At Droid Tool Works, our goal is to develop apps that enhance the functionality of our users’ Android telephones and devices in their lives. These days we carry our phones everywhere with us, so the more useful they are, the better.

At the moment, we have three applications in the Android Market:

  • Blood Alcohol Tracker is an app that estimates and tracks your blood alcohol content in real time. Enter your drinks as you consume them and the app estimates your blood alcohol content (BAC) in percent alcohol by volume using the Widmark correlation. This method of estimating BAC is often used by law enforcement agencies to estimate a person’s BAC in drunk driving trials. Our Blood Alcohol Tracker uses the drinker’s physical characteristics (weight, height, sex), and the characteristics of the drinks consumed (size, alcohol content) to calculate the estimated BAC. The app allows you to enter drinks as they are consumed as well as drinks that you have consumed in the past.
  • Sleepy Android is an app that puts your device in “Airplane” mode according to the daily schedule that you set… and, you can set a different schedule for each day of the week. As long-time Blackberry users we were surprise to find our new Android phones did not have this type of auto-sleep feature. Turning our phones off at night saves power and keeps us from being disturbed by late-night emails or phone calls. It was a no-brainer, and so we wrote the app.
  • SMS My Fix 1.0 is an application that allows you to SMS text your GPS position to another person. The original idea was to have a simple, readily available application that could send an emergency message to a pre-defined number in the case of an emergency. The idea, as we implemented it, includes both a non-emergency mode and an emergency mode. The messages sent are customizable and include a link to Google Maps showing the location of the sender. These days, we have found that we send the majority of our SMS texts to friends and family members using this system. Oh yeah, and the emergency message is readily available by long-clicking the send button. This application is free. There is an update in the works to include making your contact list available in the app.

We have more apps planned too. We travel a lot for work, so we are working on a fully integrated expense tracking and reporting app that takes the pain out of documenting our trips. We are also working on an app that will simplify our lives when it comes to recording our exercise and reporting to programs like TrainingPeaks. If you have ideas about other cool apps, let us know and maybe we’ll develop one of those too.

Please enjoy our apps, and let us know if you run into problems or have questions. You can contact us through our contact page.

Finally, check out our blog. From time to time we will be reviewing Android apps and commenting on the general landscape of the Android world.